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Monday, 24 September 2012

Back on Board

We have had a few days away from Tacet, visiting family and friends back in Kent and Sussex.
Travelling back on Friday, we drove through heavy rain along the M1, not very pleasant.  At the end of the long drive, we had to find our way along a very sticky towpath in the dark, carrying all our luggage.
It was so good to be able to get moving on Saturday once the hire car was returned.  The sun was out and before long we were taking off jumpers and enjoying the warmth on our skin.

It was a lovely journey from Wrenbury to Ellesmere, with just the right amount of locks, several bridges, and good cruising stretches to get the washing done.  And at Ellesmere, Tesco is right beside the canal for re-stocking the fridge.

On Sunday morning we enjoyed a new style of Worship Together Service at the Methodist Church, then after lunch set off for a quiet mooring in the lovely Shropshire countryside. And the rain started. So another wet journey, good thing we have waterproofs!

Having tied up, cooked a roast chicken for dinner, we settled down with the fire lit, but with no phone signal, no internet, we were out of contact with the world outside, happily we did have tv signal so our trip to Downton was still on.

We settled to bed with the rain playing on the roof, and woke to the same sound this morning.  So there was no hurry to get out of a comfy warm bed, just to make a cup of tea to drink while reading under the covers.

We didn't need to move, so stayed put, but got busy with odd jobs indoors. Ian painted the chimney completing the refurbishment of the stove corner. I had a go at putting an eye splice in the ends of our new mooring ropes, which had been delivered to Ian's brother and we collected last week.
20 metres, for a new fore and aft mooring rope
taped to mark position of loop
unravel the ends, marked with tape to keep track of the strands

starting to weave (splice) the ends making a loop (eye)

finished eye splice, ready to attach to Tacet

Also made some orange and cranberry cookies.
At 3pm the rain stopped and so we moved on again, through the locks at Marton,  and stopped again in a quiet spot, where I happily spent a half hour blackberrying.
The field around here are looking more like lakes this afternoon.
19 miles, 10 locks, 4 bridges, 1 tunnel

4 miles

3 miles, 2 locks

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  1. I'm very impressed with your eye splice!