Narrowboat Tacet

Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Finishing Touches

Finishing lots of things, seems to be the theme of our days.
Ian has finished making some boxes to fit in the engine hole on Tacet along with a board to hold windlasses, mooring pins etc..
Karen has finished a quilt, started last year to use up material stashed away over the years.
We shall be finishing work in the next few weeks. Finishing with other commitments at church too. But there's still lots to do too!  We have found someone to rent our house during our travels, they seem very nice and will look after our home.
Tomorrow we are escaping  from the house to spend a few days on the boat. Hoping the weather is kind to us.


  1. Karen this is a beautiful quilt! Clever girl!

  2. However you managed to break all the rules and use all those uneven shapes leaves me speechless!! That quilt is stunningly beautiful. Kudos to you!