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Thursday 31 March 2011

Rothersthorpe Locks

Day 3 of our journey.

We started the day with a trip into Weedon village to the shops and a look around. Love the stone houses, thatched roofs. 
Old shop front with stained glass advertising

Loved the name - Twinings Cottage

The church is a pretty sandstone and we stopped to listen to organ practice on our way back to the boat. 

We popped in to see Les on NB Valerie as he was moored opposite us. Thanks for the tea and chat, Les. It was good to meet up with you.

We got underway at mid-day and arrived at the top of Rothersthorpe Locks on the Northampton Arm at 3pm.

It was rather windy at the top but sunny. The 17 locks down to Northampton kept us busy for the afternoon and we moored above Becket's Lock at 7 pm.

Ian and Karen


  1. Dear Mrs Bingham,
    we love hearing your news and seeing your pictures. The children are deperate (A quote) to see some pictures of Jumble please!!
    Love Miss Shettle and Reception

  2. Hello you two,

    Aww, I love the comment above from Anna.. Cant wait myself now for the pictures of the Jumble!

    We were going down the Nene this year but changed our minds at the last moment, so I shall be following you with great interest.

    There is a Nene Guide that I have done, if you havent seen it you will find a link on the left hand side of my blog.

    Enjoy that lovely River

  3. Great fun for the children to be able to follow your travels!