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Friday 2 November 2012

Gloucester to Saul Junction

The view from my kitchen window this morning, just after a heavy shower of rain with the sun lighting up boats across the basin.

Next week work is starting on dredging the basin and no boat traffic will be allowed through. So we have time for a leisurely cruising week to Sharpness and back.
After a few showers this morning we set off through the first swing bridge of the day, Llanthony Bridge operated by the lock keeper.

Once through we passed the lightship, very similar to the one seen recently in Liverpool,

The next bridge is operated by turning a large windlass on the bridge, again by a C&RT bridge keeper. With no locks and the bridges being operated for us, it will be a leisurely cruise.

We met this stunning sailing ship, not really sure what the correct term is for it, but it looked wonderful coming towards us. 
The bridge behind it had been swung for it to come through, but we fitted underneath easily.

We got almost to Saul Junction, mooring in a quiet spot away from other boats. By now, the sky was so blue and although still cold, the sun felt good. We decided to set off across the fields to Epney.
Just a tiny village, a few houses and a pub, the Anchor right beside the Severn.
But great views up and down the river.
Along the riverbank to Framilode, and then along the old Stroudwater Canal back to Saul Junction.
As you can see, no boats along this canal now, which once linked the Thames to the Severn.
A glorious day.

8 miles, 2 swing bridges

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  1. I've got two almost identical photos as your last two which I took last year! We will be going back to the Sharpness in 2013.