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Friday 1 November 2013

Jephson Gardens

We enjoyed another visit to Leamington, walking up through the Regency main street known as the Parade and looking around the unique smaller shops in the side streets and visiting the exhibition at the Pump Rooms - ‘This Green and Pleasant Land’. 
Leamington takes its name from the river Leam which flows through the town and is another spa town with natural, mineral rich springs. I have blogged about the town previously, so today will focus on the Park.

Jephson Park, Leamington (3)

The Jephson Gardens are located opposite the Royal Pump Rooms and the river Leam runs alongside. The gardens were created in 1831 and were originally known as the newbold Pleasure Gardens.  In 1846 the gardens were renamed in honour of Dr Henry Jephson who lead the expansion of the town as a health spa.  There are formal bedding areas and lots of lovely trees, a lake and fountains, a tropical glasshouse and a cafe.
Today we spotted several large carved tree stumps, new pieces of art completed this year. Some just for decoration, some made into seats too, the pictures and cut faces of wood have been polished. They were quite impressive.
P1050723 P1050731 P1050732 P1050733 P1050734 P1050735
And we enjoyed feeding the cheeky squirrels too.
P1050727 P1050729 P1050740 P1050743

Once on our way, it was good to see the church at Radford Semele had emerged from it wrappings.  Over the past two years as we have passed it has been shrouded in scaffolding and plastic. Now it is sporting a very finely finished tower and new roof, with what looks like an extension on the side. You can just see it across the fields.
P1050748 P1050751 P1050753


The hedgerows are full of fruit and berries along here, loads of crab apples, hips, haws and sloes.



And how about this rose, blooming on the 1st of November!


Leamington Spa – Long Itchington  6 miles, 10 locks

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