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Sunday 1 April 2012

Sneaking in the Back Door

That's what it felt like we were doing yesterday as we made our way along the Grand Union Paddington Arm into London. Most of the way the canal banks are lined with moored boats so the journey is slow and we crept in. We moored up in Paddington Basin, in the first space we found as there was no room at Little Venice on the way in. So a few pictures of our passage along the peaceful way to the city. (not necessarily in the right order)
 The North Circular Aqueduct
The World Rushes By
Contrasting Old and New Housing
More and More Buildings
Kensall Green Cemetery
Litter Artwork by Schoolchildren
Little Venice Guaging Stop
Moored below St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington
Slough Arm - Paddington Basin
27 miles, 0 locks (9 hours)

1 comment:

  1. The litter artwork is very effective.

    Part of the quirkiness of London is the juxtaposition of different styles of building, as the newer has been stuffed into the gaps between the older; almost as though someone had thrown the whole lot up into the air to see where they landed.