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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Saturday 31 March 2012

Slowly to Slough

This morning we wandered our way along the Slough Arm, it could be the Slow Arm as it was very shallow and weedy in places and we almost came to a standstill at one point!
Along the way there were teams of volunteers clearing the rubbish on the banks and from the water where they could.  Well done to them.

At the basin, a BW boat was working with them using his grabber thingy and lifting things out.
 They were pleased but surprised to see a boat moving along the last bit of the canal, not many come past the last winding hole. And although we didn't stop, we enjoyed the abundant wildlife along the way.

So many Coots nest sitting now. Some sit tight as we pass and some scuttle off quickly, leaving us a gilmpse of what's under them.
7 or 8 in this one.
Mr Heron, watching as we pass by, keeping so still, then
off he goes to land a little further on.

No sun today, with a chilly wind, it feels very different to the last week of hot weather, so we lit the fire before we stopped and were glad of a hot shower before dinner.


  1. These are particularly wonderful shots of the heron!

  2. Thanks, I took rather a lot of them, most have been binned,at least some were ok.