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Thursday 8 March 2012

Hats off to Atherstone

Yesterday started off rainy, so after poking our noses out of bed and looking out the window, we made a cup of tea and dived back under the covers with books.
Later on we got going and travelling through all types of weather; sun, wind, rain and hail, we got to Atherstone, working up the 11 locks and finishing at about 5.30.
Atherstone was once an important hatting town, and became well known for its felt hats. We were moored behind an old hat factory.
After a trip into the town this morning to pick up some shopping we set off again passing the BW yard at Hartshill,
an interesting collection of old buildings and dock, with a rather splendid clock tower.
the dock
there is also a carpenter's workshop and blacksmith's forge.
The canal winds its way round and through Nuneaton on to Marston Junction where we turned on to the Ashby Canal.
Once through the bridge we came to a halt, the engine stopped, something on the propeller. Ian's turn again to strip off and get down in the water.  Well, his arm anyway. He pulled off a hooded jacket, and we got going again.
Tonight we are moored in a quiet, remote spot on the way to Hinkley. It's market day there tomorrow, so perhaps we'll try to get there tomorrow morning.

Hopwas - Hinkley, 2 days
24 miles, 13 locks


  1. Is it a common occurrence to have to clear junk off the propeller?

    1. Fairly regular, especially through areas where 'the naughty boys live' (as our youngest used to say), and there is a lot of rubbish thrown in the canal.
      Boaters will all have stories of 'What we have pulled off the prop!'