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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Sent to Coventry

We like Coventry. We have been here before, by boat, for a weekend by car, and visited the Uni twice on open days. Today we have had a wander round the Transport Museum, it is well laid out, with displays changed and rearranged since last time we came, and so much to see. So busy looking, I forgot to take photos.
The history of bicycle, then motor vehicle manufacture is charted through streets set out in the relevant periods of history.
We also found Spon Street, an old medieval street with reconstructed shops from the period. As long ago as the 12th century Spon Street played an important role in the prosperity of Coventry.
A Spon Street shop with the modern IKEA behind.
It was here weavers made high quality woollen cloth and dyers and tanners worked next to the river.By Georgian times Spon Street was an important centre of watchmaking. Now it has exclusive independent shops and businesses.
Next stop the Cathedral.  We love the way the new modern cathedral sits alonside the old bombed out shell of the original.  The old is a very special place where the focus is one of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. I took loads of photos here, come and enjoy a walk around with us.
The two cathedrals across University square.
The old spire still standing
Inside the ruins
Charred wooden beams made into a cross.
Stained glass inside the new
Graham Sutherland tapestry
Cross of nails sculpture

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  1. IKEA looks so funny peeping over the top of the Spon Street shop!

    In picture 3, the cross looks magnificent silhouetted against the light.