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Sunday 18 March 2012

Flowers for Mother's Day

It felt a bit strange this morning to think that we were not going to be seeing our Mums, or our children for Mother's Day. But we have spoken to them all on the phone and sent flowers and cards and will see them soon.
At Blisworth Baptist Church this morning each of the ladies were given a beautiful primrose Mother's Day gift.

This evening as we took a walk round the village of Yardley Gobion we saw these lovely violets of different colours along the canalside.

And then a host of golden daffodils.

These were especially poignant to us as today is also our daughter's 21st birthday and she knew from a very young age that when the daffodils were out in the garden, it was her birthday.
Happy Days!


  1. Happy 21st birthday to your daughter.

    Sadly, I missed church today as I was on taxi duty for three teens travelling to Sheffield. I am pleased to say that youngest son did present me with a card this morning though :)

    1. Thanks.
      Hope you enjoyed your day despite taxi duties. One day you will miss those journeys!