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Saturday 3 March 2012

Random Post!

Today Ian is not feelling well, so we have sat tight in our quiet spot at Willington away from the village. It has been raining this morning so inside our warm cabin is a good place to be.
Just thought I'd stick up a quick post of some pics that haven't made it on to a blog.
In no particular order and no particular theme
The Wolsley Chimney, all that is left of the old mill just outside Leicester. Leicester grew up around the woolen industry at the time of the industrial revolution. Ian remebered his school socks were made by Wolsey.  The company are still working and producing woollen and textiles today, sportswear and uniforms too.
The power station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar, bit of a grey day and the steam rising from the cooling towers added to the cloud.

I took a bus into Derby on Thursday while Ian was away.  Derby Cathedral was lovely, inside it is light with some lovely modern stained glass, a 20th century altar canopy, some wrought iron screens and the old tower.

The piles of crochet squares are growing, now I need to start thinking how they should be arranged.
Ordered by colours....

Or random...

Actually now I read back perhaps there is a theme.....Towers!


  1. You came into Derby :) I abseiled off that cathedral tower last September (along with my youngest) and I grew up within sight of Willington cooling towers. In those days, it was a working, coal fired power station of course.

  2. Sorry - meant to add that I hope Ian feels better soon!

  3. Enjoyed the short time in Derby, had to get back to Jumble. Shame we can't get there by boat now.
    Ian is better today, thanks.