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Friday 30 March 2012

One Year

We have been living on Tacet, travelling round the canals and rivers for one year now. The time has passed so quickly, and we have enjoyed every minute.
We are having a great time, love seeing our beautiful country from our home on the water, meeting people on the way and getting to know other boaters.
British Summer Time and the wonderful warm weather over the past few days has seen us cruising right into the evening, covering quite a distance and lots of locks.
Since my last blog we have moved from Berkhamstead to the start of the Slough Arm a distance of 23 miles and 38 locks.
We left Berkhamstead in the company of nb Benbow with David and Fiona,
We had some help from some BW guys here as a couple of pounds further down had been drained and they were letting some more water down. Once we were able to get in the lock, we had no trouble down through to Sewer lock.  Here the canal has the sewage works feeding in keeping levels good.  The rest of the GU down to London, has several different rivers feeding in too, so we should have no more problems with levels for a while.
At one time there were several paper mills alongside the canal, now no longer working. Here Apsley paper mill is now offices and pub restaurant.
Here Nash mills have gone and housing is filling the gap.
Home Park lock at Kings Langley, had to get a snap of this as Ian's Dad and Mum's boat Coal Boy was moored here for a long time.
The lock house is for sale, close to the canal, close to the station, close to the M25, anyone interested?

Getting closer to London, at Croxley Green a London Underground train was crossing the bridge as we came out of the lock.
Just below Denham deep lock is this floating dry dock. The planks at the end can be taken out of the  big barge, sinking it down to allow the narrowboat to float in, once the planks are replaced the water can be pumped out and you have a floating dry dock to work in.

Spotted today....
brilliant forsythia

ash flowers bursting open

a watchful heron

nesting swan with a stray egg.

Hope you all have been enjoying these lovely sunny days too.

23 miles, 38 locks


  1. I have definitely been enjoying the summery weather. Unfortunately, I've had to do so around work hours, but I've managed to get some work done in the garden and also read some more of my book whilst sitting in the sunshine.

    It's rather more cloudy today. I'm hoping the sun will peek through later as I'm taking the lads back up to Millstone Edge for a spot of climbing.

  2. Forecast not so good for the weekend is it. Hope you have a good time out with your climbers. Can you relax while they are climbing or is it a bit nerve-wracking watching them?
    We're on our way to Slough, before moving further into London.

  3. We had a good day thanks, though it was a bit chilly. I wore many layers. I am able to relax most of the time, though there is the odd moment...
    Slough is one of those places I've heard of but never visited.