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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Friday 23 March 2012

Just before coffee

Thursday morning was another bright and sunny one, we had 5 locks ahead of us to Marsworth and then we could go no further as the locks and Tring summit has been closed for a while because of the low water situation. That's ok, they are scheduled to open again next week.
Any way we moored up at 10.30 and Himself wanted to walk along, just to check we weren't missing a mooring further along, before having our coffee.  So off we trotted in the lovely warm sun.
No spaces before the Aylesbury Arm junction, that's ok then, we'll stay put.
"Let's just walk up the locks" he says, "and see what's going on up there."

Not much water here,

Even less here,

Up at the top there is the Wendover Arm, only navigable a short way normally, and with water levels low we shall probably not take Tacet along there. So, "We'd better walk along instead", he says. Ok, it is so lovely here, the birds are really singing their hearts out today. Jumble went for a swim and we walked along to Little Tring Bridge.
A boat!
"From here we can take this footpath back towards the reservoirs". So we carried on.
The water level here is not too bad,
but oh dear this doesn't look good.
And so back to Tacet and now I can put that kettle on for coffee. It's now 12 o'clock, that only took an hour and a half!  Phew!  Not just coffee for me..... bacon, eggs, tomatoes and fried bread also.


  1. The water levels are incredibly low! I know there has been a lot of talk of drought in the south-east, but I haven't seen it first hand.

    1. This part of the canal is not lined as in other parts as the natural water table is high and in 'normal' conditions the ground water keeps the canal bed full. However just now the ground water levels are so low the canal will drain away without some 'help' with the situation, probably from the reservoirs. We have just walked up to the locks again and there is water in the pounds again now wo we should be able to move up tomorrow.