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Thursday, 18 August 2011

A day to myself

Ian caught the 8am train to London to see his Mum and visit the probate office with his brother.
So I had a day to myself in York.
First on the list was the Quilt Museum where they had a display of celebration quilting dating from the 1700's. The oldest were traditional bed quilt covers for babies and weddings. Then there were wall hangings, wedding dresses and christening gowns. There was also a gallery of modern designs using many different materials from local artists.
I would love to have a go at so many of these ideas.  Better finish off projects already started though I guess. Photography was not allowed, so visit the link to see some pictures there. 
The museum was set in a beautiful garden recently designed by students in York and is set under the walls of the city. So I also enjoyed time wandering round there.
That took up the morning, on the way back to Tacet to take Jumble out, I stopped for coffee and muffin at Starbucks, using a birthday voucher I had.
Then in the afternoon I enjoyed a wander round the Shambles,
admiring the old buildings,
in the narrow streets.  Did you know that The Shambles were originally home to butchers shops and the shambles were the wooden shelves the meat was displayed on!
Along the streets I was on the look out for the many crafty shops in York and had a great, unhurried time browsing wools, materials, ribbon, colours, textures, and buttons!!!
Duttons for Buttons what a fantastic display of buttons.
I had a lovely day and even managed to pick blackberries on one of my walks with Jumble, so then enjoyed cooking a meal ready for Ian's return at 8pm.

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