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Sunday, 14 August 2011


We arrived in Ripon yesterday afternoon, having made our way up from Linton Lock. Although the river was still quite high, it was not too bad and we could get to the lock moorings ok to work the locks.
17 miles, 5 locks
Pictures of a horn can be found everywhere in Ripon it is the towns symbol and we found out why.
Each evening at 9pm the Wakeman comes to the Market Square to set the watch for the night. he stands at each corner of the Market Cross and blows the horn,

before walking down to the Mayor's house to blow the horn again to let him know the watch has been set. Originally the Wakeman then kept watch round the city until 3 or 4 in the morning to guard against any trouble happening overnight.  Perhaps we should have Wakemen today in other cities!
The warning around the Town Hall is taken from the Bible, Psalm 127 v 1 
  - Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labour in vain. 
Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.
This afternoon we went to the workhouse museum. Again an interesting reminder of what life was like in Victorian times for the very poor of society and the way they were treated and thought of. However at least at the workhouse they did get food and shelter in return for work, it must have been better than on the streets.
Rules of admission
Do you know your class?

We have enjoyed looking round Ripon today, it has been warm and sunny always a bonus, here are some of the sights.
The Spa baths in the town,
the bandstand in the Spa gardens
The river Skell running through the city
T & R Williamson Ltd,Varnish and Enamel works alongside the river, now apartments.
View of the Cathedral across the town
The view from our window today.


  1. It is a while since I have been to Ripon. There is more to see than I remember. It seems you had a lovely day :)

  2. Thanks we did, we think it's a lovely city.

  3. 27.8.11 - Ironically, I drove through here with a friend last Saturday, but we didn't stop as we were en route to Thorp Perrow near Masham. We did go through the centre to have a little peep though.