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Monday, 1 August 2011

Playing with the Big Boys

Now that we are on the Aire & Calder Navigation we're back with the big boys.
The locks are huge after the Huddersfield narrow, but easy to use as they are electronic, just need a key and push a button.
We have stopped at Castleford where we also saw this barge coming through the flood lock.
It was travelling slowly with 500 tons of sand on board.
I hope they don't have to shovel it by hand!  Couldn't see any shovels.
They had come from Besthorpe on the River Trent and were on the way to Lafarge Wharf at Whitwood. It was a tight turn to get through.
We moored on the visitor moorings just above Bulholme Lock where we could access the town, dry the washing and clean the boat.
Also found these growing on the bank.  Think they are cloudberries or maybe creeping raspberries.  
Tasty though, with sugar and cream!

8 miles, 5 locks

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