Narrowboat Tacet

Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Another Early Start

After a wet and windy night, this morning there were clear skies.  A bit of a breeze but not bad, so we set off early again, before 8.30am, slipping away from the mooring and Matilda Rose, hope we didn't disturb you Jill and Graham.
There is a good reason we have been cruising long days recently, Ian has been wanting to get the engine checked out as it still seems to smoke a lot.  The Grand Junction Boat Company used to look after Tacet for her previous owners, so we wanted to get back to them at Gayton for them to have a look, before we return to Sussex for Christmas.
Braunston Turn in the early morning sun,

Braunston Church across the green
The Braunston locks were all against us, so we had to be patient, then it was through the tunnel and on to Norton Junction.
Straight on down the Buckby locks to Whilton and we were at the bottom by 1pm passing a hire boat on the way down. The weather had changed now, clouded over and we had a sleet/snow shower on the way to Gayton. By the time we had tied up by the boatyard at 4pm we were very cold.
Inside the boat the fire was burning well and once I started cooking we were soon warm again.
Looking forward to a lie in tomorrow....

Bryony berries threaded through the hedgerows like nature's own Christmas decorations.

18 miles, 13 locks, 1 tunnel


  1. Slept like babies through your departure, see you soon.

  2. It's good to have a cosy interior when the outside driving is so chilly!