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Thursday 8 December 2011

Christmas arrives on Tacet

This morning we left the Engine Arm with the weather bright, but cloudy and a bit windy.
We just had the 3 Smethwick locks ahead of us and a long cruise down to King's Norton and onto the North Stratford again.  We would have preferred to go down Farmer's Bridge locks and then to the Grand Union, but they are working on the locks and they are closed.
So with no locks to do and after a quick stop to collect some holly, yew and ivy, the inside of Tacet is now looking Christmassy.

Then feeling inspired and festive myself I made mince pies too.
ready for the oven

and ready to eat! Yum

15 miles, 3 locks

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  1. You are well ahead of me with the Christmas decorations. Our tree is still languishing on the garage (18th). I may do something about that this afternoon. Eldest is home from Uni and will probably enjoy decorating it with me.