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Friday 9 December 2011

Feeling at home on the GU

Last night it was raining as we stopped to moor for the night and there was quite a heavy shower. But later the sky was clear with a bright full moon. So this morning there were pockets of frost, but not much, and the sun was shining, it was great to be out and moving.
A winter sky, blue one minute and rain clouds moving in. We have had a couple of showers when the sky has clouded over, but only for a very short time.
looking back up the flight
On the Lapworth flight we met 2 boats coming up and nb Futurest was in front of us, all making the most of the sunshine.

This photo was taken about 6 weeks ago, looking down from the same lock.  The autumn colours are gone now.

I love this house looking down the Lapworth flight.
Once at Kingswood Junction we joined the good old Grand Union Canal and turned towards Warwick. It immediately felt familiar even though we haven't been along this stretch before.

Shrewley Tunnel

We have often seen pictures of Shrewley tunnel with its separate tunnel for the horses at a higher level, and assumed it went all the way through, but when we got to the other side, there was only the canal tunnel opening.  So we stopped Tacet, and went to investigate. The village of Shrewley sits above the tunnel and the horse tunnel climbs up and out into the village high street, then there is a footpath across to the other side.

We are moored tonight above Hatton flight. 21 locks to work down tomorrow. They are wide locks too, taking longer to work than the narrows we have been used to.  Maybe there will be someone else going down we can share with.  The moon was up bright and early today.
While behind Tacet the sun was setting. Another lovely day.
9 miles,  19 locks, 1 tunnel, 2 bridges

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