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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Coming To An End and Elderflowers

Last night we were moored above Dutton Locks
just below this sad old wooden boat  'Chica' . In its prime it used to be a hotel boat.
Our journey today took us through  beautiful green landscapes looking up towards the Trent & Mersey Canal on one side and out over fields the other, not many buildings  to be seen, til you come to this farm.

The fields had been cut for hay or silage and cows were all around, and I think they had been muckspreading, you're lucky you can't smell it!

Once past Sutton Swing bridge it all begins to change and the Weaver Navigation becomes the Weston Canal following around the edge of the enormous chemical works down to Runcorn.

Weston Marsh lock takes you out onto the Manchester Ship Canal and apparently this morning 15 narrowboats went out, shame we missed that.
The landing stage on the MSC side look a bit worse for wear.

Then we come the end of the line
Beyond is the Weston Point Docks, the MSC and Runcorn Docks.  The church is Christ Church standing between Weston Point Docks and the Ship Canal.  It was built by the Naviagation Commissioners and was known as the island church.
There is a disused lock here too that went onto a short (now abandoned) Runcorn & Weston Canal.
As we were returning past Marsh lock a ship was passing on the ship canal.

Unfortunately we were not close enough for you to get an idea of its scale on the other side of the lock.
Tonight we are moored just above Sutton Bridge ready for a visit to Frodsham and its market tomorrow.
It has been very hot today with a warm breeze, so it was good to be able to hang the washing out when we stopped. Hopefully it will smell fresh and not farmy!
Now for the Elderflowers....
 I've been waiting for a dry  sunny day to collect some, as I wanted to make some cordial.
So last evening although not sunny, it was warm and dry so I gathered a bowlful,
Added some lemon zest,
then boiling water,
and left it to soak overnight.
Then this morning added sugar and heated it gently to dissolve.
Now it is bottled ready for use.
And this afternoon have tried out a recipe seen on another blog here.  Elderflower Drizzle Cake.


  1. Good evening Ian and Karen it was lovely to meet you both this afternoon down at the swing bridge. I am going to try the Elderflower cake, it sounds and looks yummy.

    1. Good to see you too. It is pretty good, we had some as pudding with strawberries and cream. Naughty but nice!

  2. I lived in Widnes for 2 years. The very first time I drove there, I passed the ICI works. It was night and the whole place was ablaze like a fairytale castle! They never looked so pretty again!!