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Thursday, 21 June 2012


We got back to Etruria yesterday having enjoyed a warm sunny cruise from Cheddleton. As we made our way down Stockton Brook locks I recognised the boat coming towards us. I think that's Caxton, went my thought processes, so that must be Paul and Elaine, they have been in Middlewich, so that's quite possible, ahh yes I see two white dogs in their life-jackets. It is them.
So a cheery wave and quick greeting as we passed by, shame we were in the middle of the flight so couldn't stop to chat properly. Paul was quicker than me and had his camera out, I didn't manage to get a picture.

Today has been wet and miserable, but we had booked a factory tour at the Moorcroft pottery.
It was great to see the whole process of how their unique pottery is made and decorated. Unfortunately no photography was allowed so not much to show you.  Click here to see pics on their website. Whilst we admired the design and craftsmanship, I'm afraid the fancy price tags meant even the smallest items were out of our league. Will have to keep looking out at car boot sales!
We have now crossed the summit of the Trent and Mersey and are waiting outside the southern entrance of the Harecastle Tunnel, with the familiar rusty red water from iron ore deposits in the locality.

4 miles, 0 locks

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  1. The rusty red water is so distinct! The Bridgewater is sometimes bright orange!