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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Saturday, 30 June 2012


We left the Weaver Navigation yesterday morning, it is a lovely river with some lovely countryside,  interesting industrial areas and pretty towns. The salt and chemical works are a reminder of why it was important to make this natural river navigable way back in the 1700's.
As usual there are many photos that haven't made it onto the blog, so here are a selection from our week on the Weaver.

working narrow boats
 Lock-keeper Keith operating the paddles at Hunt's lock - all the locks are manned.
quadrant gear on the gates
Ladder in the lock wall
under the swing bridges
Yarwoods boat yard, just a small marina is all that is left of this old boat building site.
some of the old river barges
Boats being loaded on the river section at Frodsham
Saltersford lock cottages
Northwich boat festival
Dutton viaduct
paddles at Dutton lock
railway type signals to show which lock is in operation for oncoming boats- not used now.
paddle gear
Acton Swing Bridge, iconic Weaver black and white swing bridges.

Sunday - Friday, 40 miles, 8 locks, and the boat lift.