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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Anderton to Runcorn

On  Friday morning we left the Weaver going up in the Anderton lift this time alongside nb Legend.

"Smile, you're on camera", passing the boats coming down
looking down on you
There are more pictures and info on the Anderton lift here from when we came down last Sunday.

The stretch of the the Trent & Mersey ahead of us, to its end at Preston Brook has 3 tunnels in a space of a few miles.
Barnton Tunnel
with quite a bend in the middle
coming out of Saltersford Tunnel
amd Preston Brook Tunnel
looking up one of the ventilation shafts.

At the junction with the Bridgewater canal, we first of all turned towards Runcorn.
Runcorn itself is not a very exciting town, although we found a good chinese take-away, but we got some good views of the splendid bridge across the Ship Canal and River Mersey.
first sighting of the Runcorn Silver Jubiliee Bridge
Waterloo Bridge - the terminus of the Bridgwater Canal
across the town from the Canal
alongside the railway bridge
finding it hard to get it all in one frame
across the Manchester Ship Canal and over the wall is the River Mersey.

And finally a promise of things to come.....
Bramble bushes full of flower - Blackberries on the way

12 miles, 0 locks, 3 tunnels

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  1. I'd rather the blackberries waiting a while. I associate them with the beginning of autumn but we've not started summer yet!