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Friday, 6 July 2012

Rain, rain go away

That's what we have felt like singing today! We woke up to rain drumming on the roof, not much incentive to get up this morning then. But it just didn't stop all morning. A few brave souls passed us in full wet weather gear, under umbrellas or canopy thingys. We just stayed put.
Ian did some work, I tidied, cleaned, made chocolate fudge cake and read, so something was achieved.
eaten some already!
This afternoon we wandered down into Chorley, as it was not raining quite so hard, found a few supplies and walked off that cake, on our return we just caught the final set of Andy Murray's match with Tsonga. Brilliant.


  1. It was exactly the same here. The children were stuck indoors all day; wet playtimes :(

  2. Hi -

    What are the white dots on the fudge cake? It looks yummy!

    s/v Eolian