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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Them thar hills - Saddleworth

Waking up this morning the first impression of the day was, it's cold! So there was no incentive to get out of bed as early as we had planned.  The thermometer read 13' when we did eventually get up. 
Leaving Diggle it was dry but with heavy cloud all around.
We shared the 11 locks down, driving the boat or working locks, to keep warm.
There were still great views of the hills all around, even if a bit grey.
Coming down into Uppermill underneath the mighty Saddleworth viaduct.
Around this area are many quarries, from the one-time important stone industries associated with life on the Pennine moorlands. In the Saddleworth area the stone was cut for making bakestones.  These were squareish shaped stones which were heated on the coal fired range and then oatcakes, part of the staple diet in the area were baked on the hot stone. 
Also in Uppermill were several mills as this was an important centre for the cotton and wool spinning and weaving industry. Nowadays it is a pretty and busy moorland town, with coffee shops, cafes, bookshops and plenty of good walking routes.
 We set off on a walk round the village and up to the hills, but the rain got the better of us and we returned to Tacet. Have been tempted to light the fire tonight, but kept reminding ourselves that it will be August tomorrow, so it is still summer!
2.5 miles,11 locks


  1. Hi Ian and Karen, Great Pictures, nice to see what its like up there! We didn't think it was cold down here in Staffordshire, yet we have seen three boats with fires lit today, is it really the last day of July?

    1. It really is beautiful, a great place to be.

  2. The saddleworth moors are such an amazing place, so vast and empty.
    Great photos.

    1. We love the space and the air here in the hills.

  3. In the cloud, the moors are so atmospheric!