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Sunday, 15 July 2012


It has been a very pleasant weekend here in the picturesque dales town of Skipton, a few showers but nothing much, and we have enjoyed the company of our daughter. Just a quick few pictures to share of our time yesterday in the town.
It was market day and also the church fete. So busy everywhere. The church is lovely with well kept gardens all around and as it was fete day the tower was open for a look around. So up we went....
No not that way.  We had to climb the steps! But there was a pulley here  where for a fee your teddy could be put into a little harness and pulled up to the top of the tower, then clipped on to a climbing rope and abseil down. The children were having great fun doing this.
At the top we enjoyed the views in every direction,

out to the castle,
across the town to the hills,
over the rooftops,
                                         down to the boats.
The belfry has 8 bells made in 1921 at the Taylor foundry in Loughborough, apparently considered by bell ringers to be some of the best in the country.

 The entrance to Skipton Castle where overhead is cut from stone the word DESORMAIS meaning Henceforth in Norman French.  Seems to have been the proud challenge of the Clifford family.

 Skipton Castle dates from 1090 and was the home of the Clifford family from the 1300's. It is still intact with some of the later Tudor part still lived in today. Lady Anne Clifford, born in 1590 eventually inherited the castle after a battle with lawyers lasting 40 years and did a lot of restoration work after it had suffered during the civil war. It was under siege for 3 years, but the Royalist inside were safe and eventually came out in triumph.
The Watch Tower  with the Clifford flag flying.
The church in the grounds of the castle has not roof or windows now, but the Parish church is right beside the castle and the Clifford family put money into restoration work there too.
Those Saturday morning gymnastic lessons were not wasted then!

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