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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Back on the Leeds & Liverpool

It has been our aim to get back 'oop north' for the summer this year.  Last year we really enjoyed crossing the Pennines over all 3 routes and planned to do the Leeds & Liverpool and the Huddersfield Narrow again. Well now we're here, and today being hot and dry has felt like summer is too.  Hooray!

Yesterday we travelled only a short distance from Plank Lane to Wigan, where we had a wander round the town, unfortunately the Museum of Wigan Life is closed on Wednesdays, so it was just a wander through the shopping areas and finding a cafe for lunch.

This morning we had the Wigan flight of 21 locks ahead of us.  There was another couple of boats moored ready to go up, but they were travelling together, so that meant we were on our own unless someone else turned up.  We pulled pins just before 8.30 and went into the first lock.  As we came up, we saw another boat coming round the corner below us, oh good, we shall have someone to share locks with, but oh no, another boat was following, so they were in a pair too.
So we carried on, first in queue. A BW man came along on his bike and said he would set the locks for us 'til the next road bridge, that was a good help and meant we didn't slow down those behind us.
Most of the paddles wind easily, but the gates are heavy and stiff.  There are different paddles and gate mechanisms all along the flight, I photographed some of them.
curved rack and pinion gate device
winch type with chain and roller
ground paddles wound from on top

The gate paddles were set quite high winding them was quite a stretch sometimes.
We made it to the top just about 12.15pm, so almost 4 hours working up, we only met 2 boats coming down.
looking back down the flight to Wigan below

At the top we were glad of the chance to use the services, so tanks now either full or empty, bins emptied and the huge pile of newspapers cleared out, (unfortunately not recycled there).
The rest of the cruise today has been quiet but through already beautiful scenery stopping for a while at Adlington for supplies, and diesel, and a quick wash down of one side of Tacet. Tonight we have moored up in Chorley and now it is raining again!

5 miles, 2 locks
10 miles, 21 locks

A couple of days ago there were some lovely roses in the hedgerow, their fragrance was so strong, I just had to gather a few and have a go at Rose Petal Jam.
a bowlful of petals
chopped with sugar added and left overnight
lemon juice, water and more sugar added, then brought to the boil,
Potted up.

It looks pretty, with a lovely colour and fragrance, but hasn't set properly. I must admit I wasn't sure it would. I shall look out for some pectin next time we're shopping and see if that helps.

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  1. I've never heard of rose petal jam but it sounds intriguing. Climbing up those locks, on the other hand, must be jolly hard work!