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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Famous Five at Bingley

We got back to Tacet last night after our trip back home for birthday celebrations. Whilst Ian was returning the hire car this morning I popped across to Morrison's to restock the fridge.  Before we could leave Skipton Ian took the alternator apart again and replaced the regulator inside with the new one he had had delivered whilst we were on the bank.

The stretch of canal from Skipton down to Bingley has no locks, but plenty of swing bridges. Some are operated by key and push button controls, stopping the traffic with lights and barriers, some are locked with an anti-vandal key and just need a push.  We got into a 'leap-frog system with nb Freewheeler, making the job much easier and quicker.

We got to the top of Bingley 5 rise locks at about 4.15, not sure if the lockie would be willing to let us down or if he would be wanting to knock off. "No", he said, "It's OK, just give me 15 minutes to get locks ready".

 So soon we were going down the impressive deep, wide locks alongside Freewheeler.

 Another type of gate paddle

 A few interested families watched and we got some help from the children with the gates.  The lock gates were replaced over the winter and are leaking much less than when we came up the flight last year.  At least Ian and Jumble didn't get wet on the back!

After the Famous Five we came to the Lesser Known Three.
At the bottom of which is the Damart factory for all your thermal underwear needs.

So now we're moored at Saltaire for the night.

15 miles,11 locks, 15 swing bridges

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  1. I saw photos of the lock gates being replaced but didn't make it up there in person.