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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Daisies Are Our Silver

Had great weekend on BCN Challenge, will tell you about it soon.
Meanwhile here's one I made earlier..........

Daisies are our silver

Buttercups our gold.
This is all the treasure we can have or hold.

Raindrops are our diamonds,
And the morning dew;


While for shining sapphires
We've the speedwell blue.

These shall be our emeralds
Leaves so new and green;

Roses make the reddest
Rubies ever seen.

  God, who gave these treasures
To your children small,
Teach us how to love them
And grow like them all.

Make us bright as silver:
Make us good as gold;
Warm as summer roses
Let our hearts unfold.

Gay as leaves in April,
Clear as drops of dew
God, who made the speedwell,
Keep us true to you.

Jan Struther, 1901-1953
 Anyone who was as school about 40 years ago, as I was, will probably remember this school hymn from morning assemblies. I was reminded of it recently from a reference on another blog. I  could only remember the first verse, but found it on the web and added recent pictures to it.

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