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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Up for a Challenge

On my last post about our journey we had just turned on to the Grand Union Canal and started towards Birmingham. On Monday we moved on to Warwick stopping briefly at Leamington Spa for a bit of shopping. It didn't take long, shoes, sandals and shorts for Ian. In and out of the shop again in no time at all, even with me making him try things on.
As it was not long ago we were at Leamingon (January) we didn't do the tourist bit, just the necessary, then another stop at Tesco before stopping at the bottom of the Hatton flight.
lock cottage at the bottom of the Hatton Flight
The plan for Tuesday was an early start to get up the 21 locks before it got too hot. So alarm set for 6am and we were off at 6.45, joined by Chas and Jan on nb Fuzzy Duck at the 3rd lock.
Looking up the flight about a third of the way up
We made a good team with one going on ahead and setting the next lock, which meant we were up the top at 9.50.
looking back down towards Warwick
Nearly at the top, the BW yard buildings, now offices and training centre

the carpenter's workshops

Old BW van from Fradley
We couldn't resist the temptation of a cooked breakfast at the cafe once we got there. We had worked up a good appetite by then.  It also set us up for rest of the day which we spent cleaning, sanding and undercoating again the roof of Tacet.

Another early start on Wednesday putting the first gloss coat on the roof and gunwales. Giving it a few hours to dry, we set off again.
Coming out of Shrewley Tunnel
A very wet tunnel, hope the paint was dry enough
 Through heavy rain as we went up Knowle locks, we stopped soon afterwards as we were soaked.

Today we have made it into the centre of Birmingham again ready for the weekend.
You see,  we have booked ourselves in as part of Team Yeoford on the BCN Challenge. For the non-boaters this is an occasion where crews take their boat around the canals of Birmingham, covering as many miles and locks as they can, earning points as they go, over 24 hours. Should be fun, a bit mad, and a challenge.  We're looking forward to it.

9 miles, 12 locks
2.5 miles, 21 locks
10 miles, 5 locks
12 miles, 25 locks

NB. I've had a look at the settings on blogger, and have altered a few things, if you have had trouble leavin a comment previously, it may be easier now. I'll look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hello Ian and Karen, I should have looked out for you in Brum today. Unfortunately I've returned down the Stratford Canal now. Have fun with Jim and the Ducks (and the others, of course).

    1. Sorry we missed each other. I hadn't realised you were in Brum, bit behind on blog reading.
      Have had great weekend, very tired now though. Pics on soon.

  2. That challenge sounds wonderful - totally mad, but great fun nevertheless!