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Monday, 21 May 2012

Wealthy Ostentation / Wide Open Spaces

Our Weekend Cruising Diary (signal too slow for uploading photos)

Saturday - Windsor to Henley
The weather was dry and warm enough in the afternoon to take jumpers off and enjoy the sun on our skin. There were a lot of other boats around, so we were sharing the locks with several boats each time. All were manned, the lock keepers glad to see boats moving again.
We came past extremely large ostentatious properties beside the river, private houses looking more like hotels with immaculate gardens and large white cruisers moored at the waters edge. Passing through towns such as Maidenhead, Marlow and Cookham. A reminder of the wealth of our country, and so many of us compared to many in the world
21 miles, 8 locks

Sunday - Henley to Reading
A real change to the weather, grey and cold, we left the Henley Regatta course side after lunch and arrived at Reading about 6pm. Now we were passing more open countryside, again sharing the locks with day trippers and weekenders. At Reading we met up with family for the evening, lovely to see familiar faces and catch up.
9 miles, 4 locks

Monday - Reading to Wallingford
This morning we had a look around Reading, found a good deal for lunch and set off in the sunshine.  It was a lovely cruise with long gaps between locks and wide open spaces all round us. Not many other boats moving today, we came up the locks alone.
It was lovely to be out in the open air, the open space enjoying the sun and breeze on our faces. I feel we are the wealthy ones to be able to enjoy these wide open spaces.
15 miles, 4 locks

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  1. The weather is certainly being more favourable for you at present. I hope you continue to enjoy the sunshine and the wide open spaces!