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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Up On The Roof

Haven't posted for a while as we haven't been moving much. We're still on the Wey waiting for the Thames to come off red boards.  It is slowly returning to better conditions, but we shall have to wait a few more days probably.
So what have we been doing? Tuesday we walked along the Wey and the Thames and into Weybridge to do the shopping and on Wednesday we took the train down to visit Ian's Mum.
Thursday we realised it was still going to be a while before we could get going again so we decided to start tackling the paintwork on the roof of Tacet. 
So we turned around and headed back along the Wey and have been moored under the M25 for the last 3 days, where we won't disturb anyone with the engine running and angle-grinder going and Tacet is sheltered from any rain showers there may be.
After 3 days of grinding, sanding, scraping, chiseling, sweating and swearing (silently!) the roof is now paintless and smooth, ready for the first layers of paint tomorrow.
This has meant that by the time we have stopped for the day we have both been so shattered and aching from head to toe, we have just crashed out for the evening.

Paintbrushes at the ready for tomorrow.


  1. I hate the preparation work!

  2. Kudos to your hard work! In choosing the right paint for metal roofs, it’s good to consider the paint’s properties. A metal roof tends to expand and contract, and paints with the right degree of elasticity would be appropriate to prevent it from cracking and becoming brittle.

    Penelope Dingee