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Monday, 7 May 2012

Still Weyting

We're still waiting for the Red Boards (Navigation not advisable), to come down on the River Thames. Slowly from Lechlade down the warning is changing to Yellow Boards (stream decreasing). However we have had a good weekend, despite the Bank Holiday weather!
At Guildford on Saturday afternoon our friend P and his 7 year old boy came and found us and had their first 'ride' and 'lock' experience.

Sunday morning we went to the service at Guildford Baptist Church close to the river at Millmead. A big lively church fellowship where we enjoyed the worship led by a gifted band and young 16 year old singer and were challenged by the Pastor Rob May.
We moved on down to Send in the afternoon and joined the Byfleet Boat Club's Boat Festival there.

As we moored up a brass band was playing in the pub gardens, and we wandered around the stalls, and enjoyed boaty chat. Then down in the chippy's workshop, at the Worsfold workshop site, there were some films showing, boaty ones of course; Painted Boats and The Bargee, which was fun with popcorn and sweeties being handed round. They had a brilliant fire going at the back of the workshop but it was still very cold in there, specially for May!
not quite the right building, but the site by Worsfold Flood Gates

During the evening, at the New Inn there was a Boaters Entertainment Night with Shanty Singers, and other talented Boat Club members with folk songs and funny monologues. A lovely evening and chance to make some new boating friends.

Guildford - Send
5 miles, 4 locks


  1. Ian and Karen - Thanks so much for coming and visiting the Byfleet Boat Club event - we enjoyed it and enjoyed your company. Do hope you have a successful trip up the Thames before too long.


    1. Thanks Katheryn, and thank you for your welcome and help over the past few days/weeks! It has not been a bad place to be stuck and we have enjoyed making new boating friends, we shall look out for you again on our travels.

  2. Now there's a good old fashioned word - moving

    1. See, we can do slow.....
      even if it is forced on us. Still a good place to be, stuck in our cosy boaty home.

  3. It sounds like you are enjoying your time while you are waiting.