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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Looking Back At The Wey

Yesterday we put a second undercoat on the roof of Tacet, and tidied away most of the tools and bits and bobs used for the painting process.  Being outside, although dry under the bridge, there were bits of fluff blowing around and sticking to the wet paint, we shall have to think about when and where we do the top coat. 
We shall go out onto the Thames tomorrow and head off towards Windsor, it will be so good to be on the move again.
But today there was an urgent need to get to the services up at Pyrford. The 3rd and last loo cassette was full, the water tank empty, absolutely empty-taps just gurgling!, and rubbish overflowing. It was a great relief to get going and deal with it all.  Then it was straight on with the washing machine, a pile of washing up to do and clean my teeth!
our mooring for the past week
Would never have thought that we could spend a week under a motorway, but actually it wasn't that bad, quieter than you might think and lots of people walking and cycling through the pathway.
So we are saying 'Goodbye' to the Wey some 3 weeks later than expected, here are a mixed bag of pictures as a reminder of our stay.
the sun didn't shine much, but the rape fields did
locking down with new friends on nb Gabriel
odd building by river, with blue plaque - John Donne (poet) lived here
Walsham flood gates with unusual paddles
paddle boat Jethro Tull, we shared locks on the K&A some years ago with this boat
of all the Wey boat names, this was my favourite
and an aahhh to finish with.

The Wey is such a pretty river and the navigation an ancient one, opened in 1653 for transporting goods to London, one of the first rivers to be made navigable. With the Basingstoke Canal and the Wey and Arun leading from it, it was a busy thoroughfare, now very peaceful, relaxing and pleasant. Though being a river, subject to strong stream flows after heavy rains as we have found out.

9 miles, 5 locks

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  1. ahhhhhh :)

    Glad you are finally able to be on the move again!