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Saturday, 19 May 2012

In The Presence Of Royalty

As we approached Windsor yesterday the Thames really did feel like the Royal River.
There are signs along the bank warning it is The Crown Estate, so no mooring, or else!
Under Victoria Bridge
With the Royal Coat of Arms
And then the Castle, yes She's at home, we'll call in later.
But just as we came to moor up, the flag was changed, bother we missed Her.
This morning, our view of the castle showed Her Majesty was back, well there was a bit of 'do' going on today, the armed forces were coming out to parade through the town in celebration of her Golden Jubilee. So we went to see.....
There was quite a crowd out lining the streets and we got to a space looking up the hill, don't know if we shall see much, I'll hold the camera high and hope for the best.
First of all the Royal Navy
Then the Marines
More of the Navy
Army (sorry don't know any more)
Scots Guards
And the Air Force
Sorry I don't know enough about the Armed Forces to be more specific, but the colour, the bands, the whole spectacle was great with the crowd cheering and waving their flags. All feeling glad to be British.
Then there was a lull before two Mounted Police came down the hill, followed by
The Queen herself with the Duke of Edinburgh.
The photo's not great, I'm sorry, but it really was them! There were so many others in front waving and cheering this was the best of many.
Then we made our way back to Tacet with our view over the castle for the next treat of the day, a flypast of various types of aircraft.
Helicopters in diamond formation
flying in 60 formation
in ER formation
and the Red Arrows at the end
A Right Royal Occasion


  1. That's a pretty special day.

  2. Golly. You did have an eventful day. We British are good at these kinds of celebrations :)