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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Boys will be Boys

Another painting day, and the first coat of blue undercoat has been done, unfortunately although dry under the bridge, there was a bit of a breeze today blowing dust and plant bits onto our sticky paint. Grrrr. Tomorrow we shall have to get the sander out before the second coat can go on.
Over the past few days some boys have been busy digging and moving soil around under the bridge here making jumps for their BMX bikes.
Today, a few more turned up, (rather early in the afternoon for a school day, I thought!), and were making some good jumps.
Some bigger boys(!) drove up in their work van, set up their extending ladders and setting about their creative handiwork........
They were certainly not secretive about it, the van was loudly playing rap music and plenty of people use the footpath through here. They had done ladder training too, as one stood at the bottom, while t'other worked at the top.
Not sure if this a finished masterpiece or work in progress.

The news on the Thames is the red boards are almost all down, now on yellow - stream decreasing. So we shall soon be able to be on the move again.


  1. I can't judge the age of the boys. Could they have been pre-GCSE, on exam leave and busy 'revising'?

    The underside of your bridge certainly seems a hive of activity!

  2. You're too kind, I think they were a bit younger than that though!

    As you whizz over motorway bridges, you never know what might be going on underneath you!