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Friday, 26 April 2013

Leaving Bath

Leaving Bath yesterday morning meant a flight of 6 locks down to the River Avon.  It's a pretty flight with the stone houses looking down us and with the trees getting greener by the day and blossom coming out. Yesterday it was beautiful.
Halfway down you come across this ornate chimney, once part of the pumping station, keeping the flight filled with water.
Next on this flight is the mighty Bath Deep lock, built to take the place of 2 locks when the canal was brought back to life and to enable us to get under the road bridges that had been built since its closure.
What a long way down it seemed.
We felt we couldn't leave Bath without one more photo opportunity............
I was sent ahead with the camera, not downriver to Bristol but upriver to Poulteney Weir, Ian brought Tacet along to turn at the bottom.

I think that will have to be one for next year's calendar.

Back on board and Jumble came up front for his own photo opportunity!

Just a few old river warehouse buildings left as we made our way out of Bath and once more into the countryside.  Being a river, the views are not always great, with high banks on both sides.  There were signs of the flooding last autumn with muddy banks and plastic rubbish caught in the tree branches looking like the riverbank washing hung out to dry.

But there was the delightful sight of mistletoe having really taken a hold of this tree,

and daisies and dandelions enjoying the sun at the lockside.

10.5 miles, 11 locks

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  1. That is a great photo of Tacet!

    I've only recently learned to recognise mistletoe on trees. My cousin is in hospital in Worcester, so we've had a few road trips to both there and also his family home in Builth Wells. It was my aunt who identified the clusters as mistletoe.