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Monday, 29 April 2013

On to Dundas

Leaving our lovely little mooring at Bitton behind we made our way along the river Avon back into Bath.  Travelling again with James and Doug on nb Chance, sharing the locks and the work with them.

We stopped briefly in Bath to visit Sainsbury's and restock the fridge. James and Doug carried on.
Once back with the shopping we set off and joined the Kennet and Avon Canal at the bottom of Widcombe flight.  We didn't meet any other travellers (in boats) just towpath walkers who followed our journey up all of the locks. With lots of questions about our life afloat and the canals, rivers and places we've been to.

Once again travelling through Bath, Bathwick and Bathampton was a joy, the views across the city, and out into the countryside are just lovely especially when the sun is shining.

Cleveland House once the canal company's headquarters stands above the ornamental tunnel which then leads into Sydney Gardens with its ornamental iron work bridges.


We moored up at Claverton for a stop to look at the pumping station down by the river.  It was designed by John Rennie and the pump was powered by two water wheels pumping water to the canal from the river Avon below.

Water is still pumped up to the canal though now by electric pumps.  The restored water wheels are currently having works carried out and will be operating again on special weekends next year.

Our mooring at Claverton is nice so we decided to stay put and take Jumble for a walk along to the junction at Dundas where the Somerset Coal Canal goes off towards Paulton.

It is very narrow and is only open for those with moorings along to the small basin at the end.

Walking along the towpath of this short canal was enhanced by the beautiful smell of primroses.

One of my most favouritest (it really should be a word) flowers.

And then we walked down to river level to get a proper view of the Dundas Aqueduct.

Moored up on the other side of the aqueduct was nb Chance, Doug and James had called it a day there too. We'll catch up with them again soon and 'do' Caen Hill with them.

View from our mooring, showing a lot more green on the trees than a few days ago.

11.5 miles, 10 locks, 2 bridges

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