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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Our Bath Home

Our moorings in Bath are lovely.  
We are at Bathwick at the top of the Widcombe flight of locks. It is just a short walk down into the city, down some steps from the towpath, under the railway and across the Pulteney Bridge over the river Avon.
The towpath is busy with dog walkers, cyclists, people walking to work and children to school, but it has not been noisy and we can hear birds singing all around us.
There is a little family of ducklings, 9 in this picture, sadly only 8 today, all with a little yellow bib, so they'll be like Mum with her white front. They are so bold and swim quite a long way from Mum, I fed them a few crumbs so I could get a photo of them all.
We heard the distinctive sound of a steam train's whistle and a quick hop out to the towpath where we can look over the railway line and I caught this Locomotive steaming past.  I think it's a Southern train, but I can tell you no more.

Across the canal is the old Baird's maltings.

Today we have new neighbours, nb Chance and Autumn Myst have joined us. We're just off for drinks with them now.

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