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Friday, 26 April 2013

Cruising into Bristol

We had a good night here in Hanham moored up with Chance on the last space on the pontoon.  Doug and James joined us for a 'Bring and Share' dinner, it was good to share their company too, swapping boating tales and plans. 
This morning we were ready to go through the lock just after 10 after the high tide, which a bit earlier had been up over the weir.
We fairly whizzed along with the flow of the water, watching out for bits of trees on the way.
Doug and James were following us, although the sun was bright it was chilly travelling on the river.
Enjoying the scenery,
Spotting a heronry, (sorry not a good picture).
Once through Netham lock we were soon into Bristol proper, now we were following Chance.
A concrete barge loaded with rubbish pulled from the water by the look of it.
Under the low bridge (or is it over the high water?) and into the floating harbour.
Past the Matthew a replica of the English ship that discovered North America in 1497.
Touring the harbour, love the coloured houses on the hillsides.
Passing Isambard Kingdom Brunel's ship the SS Great Britain.
Chance moored at the harbour masters where Doug sorted out a mooring for us both.  It wasn't easy as there as so many boats here.  Winter moorings seem to still be in place until 1 May, so not much is available for visitors.
More coloured houses.
They saw me pointing the camera!  Off to find that mooring.  We're breasted up together again in a good position for exploring the city.

7 miles, 2 locks

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