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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Back on the Northampton Arm

There were some lovely old yellow stone buildings around the town.  It was once a centre for lace making, then shoe making, also had a brewery. Now none of these exist.  The local town museum was an interesting place in an old swimming baths built by the local Brewer for his staff to use.

This very tall factory tower which dominates the sky line as you travel the Northampton Arm is the Express Lift factory tower. Lifts were tested here. Its all that is left of the factory now.

Yesterday we left the River Nene and returned to Canal life. The pace seems a little more slow and peaceful. Although the river was pretty too. We hope to continue exploring the river another time, hopefully when there are not so many lock closures.

When we stopped for lunch  it was so warm we gave the boat another wash over and Ian fixed up the table Dad had made for the front of the boat. Thanks Dad it looks great.

This fellow was swimming by the lock entrance, a grass snake, harmless but I still felt brave taking his photo.

A beautiful sunset to end a glorious warm day.
Thank you Lord.

Today we turned onto the Grand Union Canal again and headed up to Weedon where we met up with friends Robert and Marion for lunch. Our first visitors to our new home. It was lovely to see them and share family news. Here is Tacet up on the canal embankment we were down in the village, looking up across the churchyard.

Ian and Karen


  1. That looks like rather a large snake to me!!! x

  2. I've never seen a wild grass snake! Especially unexpected to spot one swimming!