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Monday, 4 April 2011

Northampton to Wellingborough

The Carlsberg Factory in Northampton, giving the town a distinctive malty aroma. We quite liked it.
Moorings here were very quiet with Morrisons and B&Q very nearby. Not much boat traffic about. Could be because of lock closures further along. More than we had anticipated!

Having been to church Sunday morning,(we found Kingdom Life Church across town, and enjoyed the worship and teaching there) we set off down the river.

This is the first of the guillotine locks at Weston Favell. The guillotine style bottom gate is electrically operated. They don't take long to empty or fill, but the gate takes a long time to open and close, but at least there's no winding!

Especially for the children in Reception Class at Maynards Green here are some pictures of Jumble.

I'm sorry some of them are sideways, I can't seem to get them to stay the right way on the blog page. (Maybe someone will be able to help).
The last one shows Ian fishing, no he hasn't taken up a new sport, nor was he hungry. I'm afraid I did a silly thing this morning whilst taking down the chimney before some low bridges, I knocked it off the roof into the canal. Despite searching with the magnet and poles, we couldn't find it. Oh dear.
To try and win back some favour, this afternoon I did some baking. The oven seems pretty good so far, this is how I got on.

First tray of Anzac biscuits, oops they've spread a bit.
 Second tray, that's better.
Chocolate and Cherry Muffins. They'll do.

So in Wellingborough we will do some more exploring tomorrow. Here's the view from my window today, sounds like Preschool doesn't it........ Lots of swans!
 Ian and Karen


  1. Hi Ian & Karen,
    This is NOT an advert, but... Anzac Biscuits can be bought at Sainsbury's and for each pack sold they make a SMALL donation to the Poppy Fund. Handy to know for people like me who don't know the back of an oven from a fender... LOL
    p.s. I have no doubt however that YOUR biscuits will be far tastier and fresher!!

  2. Thank you very much for the pictures of jumble we loved them.
    ooops! is the comment about the chimney!!
    Lots of love from Reception at Maynards Green xx

  3. Awww Jumble looks the part with his bandanna!! Wow baking, very impressive. Please come back, all is forgiven, Anna want me to spin paint with the children tomorrow!! x