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Friday, 15 April 2011

Enjoying Leicester

We have enjoyed a few days in Leicester, looking round the markets, the Newarke Houses Museum, the Cathedral,and eating out. Some of the colourful sights from the markets.
Everything a pound
Laid out in the traditional way
Gateway to the Castle
The castle area is now gardens which is where our moorings were.
Views of castle yard
St Mary sub Castro Church (bell ringing for 2 hours last night!)

Inscription as follows:
John Wesley 1703-1791
JOHN WESLEY who with his brother CHARLES founded the Methodist Church,"looked on the world as his parish". Over a period of 50 years he travelled 225,000 miles, on horseback throughout Britain preaching some 40,000 sermons. He brought the Christian message to people who may not otherwise have heard it, especially to those in the new industrial towns. In 1770 he preached to a large crowd here in Castle Yard.His opponents tried to disrupt the gathering.  As Wesley himself records, "a man was sent to cry 'fresh salmon' at a little distance: but he might as well have spared the pains, for none took the least notice of him".

Moving on towards Loughborough for weekend.

Ian and Karen

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  1. 2 hours of bell ringing? Thought you were going for peace and quiet? We hear them from across the park every Monday but not through the double glazing!! x