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Monday, 25 April 2011

Sandiacre to Nottingham

Good Friday afternoon we tied up at the Padmore Moorings in the centre of Sandiacre. Although traffic was quite busy, and the pub opposite a little noisy with customers outside enjoying the sun, it was a pleasant place to be. It had been a very hot day and was very pleasant eating our evening meal out in the sun at our new table.
This moorhen was sitting tight as we went past.
The bridge over the start junction with the Derby Canal.
The other side of the bridge is a good footpath and line of the canal bed visible on the way to Derby.
We have been seeing a few more families of ducklings around the last few days.
The other side of the lace mills (see previous post). Now converted into flats. But still a very elegant building.
Tacet, second from left at the Padmore moorings.

Saturday morning saw us up and moving off at 7.30 to work through the town of Long Eaton renowned for 'naughty boys'!
At Trent lock we stopped for the services and bacon and eggs for breakfast. The Lock tea rooms had this on offer. 
After filling with diesel at Sawley, we started our journey down the Trent to Nottingham.
Working through the locks with nb Nautilly. We moored up just beyond Sainsburys and Castle Marina at about 2.30pm. Along this stretch the navigation is canalised. Looking around the city, after a cup of tea and a snooze, we found St George's Day celebrations going on at various pubs and in the market square. It was extremely hot and people were enjoying cooling off in the fountains and water feature there. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and that splashing around had not been vetoed by 'health and safety'!  Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera with us, so no photos.

Sunday morning we went along the road to grace church to their Easter service. We were made very welcome and enjoyed celebrating Jesus' resurrection with them.  Enjoyed chatting with folk afterwards and hearing about their move into the old Ministry of Labour, Employment Exchange building.
Today we have the camera so here are some shots of Nottingham.
The caves in the sandstone rock under the castle.
Pub called 'The trip to Jerusalem' claiming to be th Oldest Pub in England, and built into the sandstone rocks below the castle too. The rooms inside have little alcoves cut out of the rock, creating a unique feel and experience.
Former British Waterways building now home to Wetherspoons and nightclubs. 
Almost next door was this warehouse with Fellows Morton & Clayton across the top. For a long time Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd were the largest and best known canal transportation company in England. They had a large fleet of boats which ranged far and wide over the canal system. They carried diverse cargos which also helped them grow.  It is now a popular pub. 
In the evening we walked down to Meadow Lane Lock which takes the canal back onto the River Trent. By bridge 1 we spotted this post, haven't seen one like this before. It looks as though it would have turned so as the horses walked through the bridge, the rope pulling the boat would have turned the roller and not got worn on the bridge.
And finally......
Roses at Easter! Beautiful!
Happy Easter everyone.
Ian and Karen


  1. Wow busy weekend! I took Jess to Nottingham for an open day and remember those buildings by the water, and the caves and pub, tho we didn't go in. You couldn't ask for better weather than you have had so far for your travels could you?

  2. Hi you two...(that's not counting Jumble!) ..I've just caught up with you! Well done Karen for such an interesting read and loads of lovely pics. Love the roses. I wanted to send you some bluebells in return but I don't think you can post pics in comments! Make sure you let us know when you're on the Basingstoke canal and have some of those cakes on the ready!

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Julian and Pri.