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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ringing the Bull

We've just come back from the pub. Remember 'The trip to Jerusalem' ?
We thought it would be nice to go back when it was not so crowded as it was at the weekend, and look round properly inside. It is a great place with lots of small areas cut out of the rock. We played a new game, Ring the bull.
The ring is suspended from the sandstone ceiling and you swing it to hook over the horn on the back wall. We had a demonstration from Dave, who turned out to be rather an expert!
We got better with practice but never as good as Dave with his many different swings from different places in the room. Something new and good fun.

Earlier on in the day we visited the Nottingham Caves, there are so many underground in the city. Many used as homes, for storage, air raid shelters over the years. See
We also went to the Crime and Punishment experience, which was very thought provoking as it showed how criminals in the past were dealt with, often so inhumanely, and really made us think about what should be done to help offenders today. Not many photos but this one was from the wall in the exercise yard, grafitti from 1880.
Ian and Karen

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