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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bridgewater Buildings


The Bridgewater Canal is lockless and so the journey has seemed long today, back towards Manchester stopping only at Lymm for a bit of grocery shopping.  But on the way we have passed through Moore, Walton, Stockton Heath, Lymm, Dunham, Sale, Stretford and then at Waters Meeting we turned towards Worsley.




Bollington Mill




P1040380 P1040381 P1040383

Old and New sites at Sale.

At the Linotype works new houses have been put up since we came past last year, so there was not such a good view of the front of the building with its clock tower. 


Sale linotype factory (1)



This picture was taken last year, with the builders just starting work on the new homes.




P1040373 P1040374

We have seen three families of late season ducklings today, making up for earlier in the year (remember the cold wet spring?) when there were not so many as usual.

P1040384 P1040385

And tonight we are moored close to the Trafford Centre.

The Trafford Centre is a large shopping centre built with rococo/baroque architecture on land once part of the Manchester Ship Canal Company. It was developed by the Peel Holdings Group who took over the MSCC in 1986.  It cost £600 million to build and was finished in 2008.

P1040386 P1040387 P1040388 P1040389

Those of you who know Ian well will be surprised that he stopped here and went in.  Those of you who know Ian well will not be surprised that he did not go in any of the shops and did not spend any money!  But then neither did I.  We did however get some food from the Orient Food Hall, which is laid out as though a cruise ship, presumably in homage to the great ships that once came up to Manchester on the Ship Canal.

P1040392P1040391 P1040394 P1040395 P1040396

Norton(Runcorn) – Trafford Centre, 22 miles



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  1. Hi Ian and Karen from David in OZ.

    Following your travels with interest from Australia, keep up the good work always very interesting.
    I am off soon to the Canberra Floriade (similar to Chelsea Flower show but in OZ),send you a couple of our best photos, plus going to Cockington miniature village just outside Canberra modeled on the real village in the UK.
    Couple of hyperlinks to view.
    Bye for now David and Luzia.