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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Liverpool Link

After the last three days which have been quiet and slow, with only about 12 miles to travel, and no locks just swing bridges, today has been much more exciting. However we Ian has made good use of the dry weather and has got a bit of rubbing down and painting done on the gunwhales, starboard side.
Right on the dot of 9 this morning, as arranged, two C&RT men appeared to operate the road bridge, nb Tadpole had just arrived too, and there was just the two little ships going down into the docks today.

And we were off, it was rather misty, and a bit damp, but boater’s don’t stop for that, not when your passage to Liverpool is booked anyway.

The canal runs beside Aintree racecourse, but we only get a small glimpse, it is hidden behind a wall.

It is urban cruising, with signs of the previous industry along the banks.

P1040890 P1040891

Some elegant cast iron bridges span the canal, the high-rise towers of Liverpool just showing through the foggy skies.


And just about mid-day we turned to  the top of four locks taking us down to the docks.
The sun began to break through, There was a team of 3 volunteers as well as the 2 original C&RT guys, so I got to ride on Tacet and take pictures!

P1040907 P1040908 P1040909 P1040912
As we leave lock 4, the Stanley dock is dominated by the enormous Tobacco Warehouse.

So big, I couldn’t get it all in one frame.
According to Wikipedia, the building is grade II listed and is the world’s largest brick warehouse. Built in 1901 it covers 36 acres, has 14 storeys and built with 27 million bricks, 30,000 panes of glass and 8,000 tons of steel.

Various plans have been unveiled for the Tobacco Warehouse to be redeveloped into several hundred apartments as part of a larger development of the whole Stanley Dock site. The plans involve hollowing out the centre of the warehouse to create a garden-filled courtyard.
P1040914 P1040915 P1040917  P1040922 P1040923

Views of Stanley Dock, with a hazy view of New Brighton across the Mersey just visible behind the harbour wall.

P1040924 P1040926

And turning on to the link route through the empty, quiet, silent docks.

P1040931 P1040932
The Liver building comes into view.
P1040933 P1040934 P1040935

Converted warehouses and modern apartment towers.


Through a new lock, with the Liver building getting closer.


The water was so clear, we could see loads of jellyfish, and mussells down at the bottom.

 P1040943 P1040945 P1040947 

Passing right below the Three Graces; The Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building, Port of Liverpool Building.

P1040946    P1040948
Under the Museum of Liverpool and into another new lock.
P1040949 P1040950  P1040951 P1040955
And through a couple more docks into Albert Dock then to our moorings in Salthouse Dock, where it has been a warm, sunny afternoon, making plans for our week here, loads to see and do.

Monday - Wednesday
Burscough – Liverpool, 25 miles, 6 locks, 11 bridges

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  1. Have a great time in Liverpool. At least now you won't have the constant waves as the DUCKs entered the water down the ramp.
    Bob and June