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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside………

Here on the Lancaster Canal you get to be very close to the sea, more than an estuary, proper seaside although very different from the familiar south coast beaches near our Sussex home.  I have been looking forward very much to coming to the seaside in Tacet.
 Hest Bank (2)Hest Bank (3)Hest Bank (5)
Yesterday evening, after leaving Lancaster we came to Hest Bank and got our first glimpses of Morecambe Bay.
You can just see the sea between the hills and the green trees, and over the rooftops of the houses.

Hest Bank (6) Hest Bank (7) Hest Bank (8)

We had a lovely walk along the shore, enjoying the evening sea air.

Hest Bank (12)
This morning we were up bright and early and on the move for just a mile or two along to Carnforth.  We had a special seaside day planned. Luckily for us we had a weekend here when tides were right for a walk across Morecambe Bay.  Guided walks are regularly led by experienced bay walkers who know the sands well and can take you safely over the running river bits and round the sinking sand bits. Our walk today was originally to start at Hest Bank, but due to recent changes in the sands, was changed to start at Silverdale, a bus ride away from Carnforth. So we met as arranged for a 1.30pm start.
Morecambe Bay Walk (6) Morecambe Bay Walk (8) Morecambe Bay Walk (9)
I don’t know how many of us there were, something like 150-200, I would guess. Some were sponsored, raising money for the Lions Club.
Not as many as Moses led across the Red Sea, but a big mix of people, all ages and stages and several dogs joining in the fun.

Morecambe Bay Walk (11) Morecambe Bay Walk (12) Morecambe Bay Walk (14)
There might have been a crowd of us, but there was still miles of empty sand.  A couple of tractors were ready in case anyone needed assistance over the wettest parts.
With no wind, no rain and plenty of sunshine, it was just perfect conditions, and felt wonderful to be out in the big, open space.

Morecambe Bay Walk (15) Morecambe Bay Walk (16) Morecambe Bay Walk (17)

Wading in, the sound of so many feet splashing through the water was amazing.

Morecambe Bay Walk (18)
Morecambe Bay Walk (21) Morecambe Bay Walk (24)  Morecambe Bay Walk (31)

The dogs all had a wonderful time.

Morecambe Bay Walk (35)
Morecambe Bay Walk (36)

Cockle picking!

Morecambe Bay Walk (37) Morecambe Bay Walk (38) Morecambe Bay Walk (41)

Just look at those wide open spaces and the views of the hills of the Lake District, wonderful stuff.

Morecambe Bay Walk (42)

With our feet back on firm, dry ground we climbed our way up Humphrey Head, the end of our walk across the bay.

The walk across takes about 4 hours, and the organisers have buses arranged for the return journey. Phew!  And a good thing too, as very quickly the sands are once again covered by the incoming tide.  In fact, when we arrived back at the starting point there was no sand to see.
Morecambe Bay Walk (57)I do like to be beside the sea!


  1. What a great walk and some super pictures. Don't know where you get all the energy from.
    Bob and June

    1. It was really lovely but we were tired and after chips for supper and a hot shower we were in bed by 9.30!

  2. So lovely to see you enjoying the Lancaster. Do you know Dave and Carole on 'Days of Elijah' ? They are friends of ours and run a Christian Fellowship boat. Moors at Tewitfield marina.
    Margaret and Tony

    1. We've not met them, but will look out for them.