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Monday, 16 September 2013


At one time you could get there by canal, but not today. We caught a bus. And enjoyed the ride into Cumbria, with brilliant views from the upstairs front seats.

Once we arrived, unfortunately so did the rain, but at least we could dive in and out of shops when it got too heavy.

So here’s a quick and short tour round Kendal,

P1040757 P1040756



Behind the main street, narrow passageways lead to ‘yards’, which were originally burgage plots where workshops for shearing, weaving, dyeing and tanning were set up. The woollen industry followed, making the town wealthy and was its main economy for 600 years.




P1040761P1040759   P1040762

P1040764 P1040765



The Brewery Arts Centre, where there is a cinema, theatre, restaurants, exhibitions and workshops.

The old brewery building shows how Kendal got the name ‘The Auld Grey Town’.




P1040771 P1040773P1040772 

Because of the wet and cold, we didn’t do so much of the touristy thing. We did however, of course, go to find where the canal came into the town all those years ago.  We didn’t have a map, we followed our noses and after a bit we found it, helped by finding a road called Canal Head North!

P1040769 P1040770

There were also a mix of old buildings nearby which looked as though they were once linked to the canal.

P1040768 P1040767

The Civic Society has been busy around the town noting places of interest and have saved me a lot of typing today!

We got back to Tacet and made another wet journey (wet for Ian, that is) back to Hest Bank. I suddenly had the urge to do some baking……….. warming up the cabin for Ian you understand!

Carnforth – Hest Bank, 3.5 miles, 1 bridge


  1. As ever I'm impressed at how your photographs manage to capture the essence of the places you visit. You'll have a wonderful record of your time on Tacet

    1. Thanks Jim. that's really what the blog was about. It's been a real bonus to make all our blogging friends too.