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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Boston and New York

Yes we have, we have been to Boston and New York!  Lincolnshire that is not Massachusetts.
Boston Stump, the Parish Church clearly visible for miles before you reach Boston, as the countryside is so flat.
The view from the tower is incredible, although it was windy up there I managed to get some photos without holding on too tightly.
This one looking up the river we could see Tacet moored there. Red arrow marks spot.
The Great Sluice, the lock that takes you down onto the tidal river, you have to get your timing right, 'cos this is what is on the other side.
But of course, someone was keen to go down to the new Black Sluice lock beyond, not me....
Caught unawares as I looked at the docks on the way to Black Sluice.
It was going to be tricky to tie up at this pontoon!
So we made do with walking down to see the lock with its quadrant gates.
Whilst on the drains we got as close as we could to New York, though not much to see from the navigation. But we've been to Boston and New York on our boat!
Ian and Karen

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